Look What's Going On!

The Hunt Begins Here!

We scored big time with a client looking for a giveaway to go with his duck hunting game at his biggest trade show of the year. Themed, fun, unique and affordable were the requirements. Sounds easy, right? Not necessarily. Themes for duck hunting include guns, camouflage, decoys, shooting – certainly not all appropriate for a public show. We asked ourselves what would draw attention to itself to the point that trade show attendees would notice it and come to the booth. Noise certainly draws attention. The kid in us loves noisemakers. How about a duck call? Our client loved the idea. With hundreds of duck calls to choose from, and most of them well over the budgeted cost our client gave us, this was not an easy task. We hunted for the perfect duck call at the perfect price, and with the perfect sound. Although this was just a giveaway, our client wanted the sound to be realistic. So, after we identified a handful of duck calls, we had a blast testing them. We never knew there were so many duck sounds. We finally chose our winner and had it customized with our client’s logo, and our client couldn’t have been more pleased. Visitors were flocking to the booth for these duck calls, and our client was able to close some deals. We hit the target with these guys!

ASI Show 2016 Update

ASI puts on a great show. Touted as the biggest ad specialty event in the Southwest, this 2016 show brought nearly 500 suppliers from across the country right to our doorstep! What a fantastic opportunity for us as distributors to meet these people and check out their products first-hand. It’s fun to be the first to experience the latest in products and ideas for new apparel, pens, drinkware, giveaways, signs, banners and more. We had a blast searching for specific apparel for our first responder and sports clients. Can’t wait to show them the new and unique clothing samples. Before we will recommend any products to a client, we must see samples for ourselves. It’s critical that the quality of every product we sell is up to our high standards. No one likes surprises and it can happen if your distributor doesn't know his or her product. These shows are a critical tool in our business. It’s part of what makes our job so much fun!

Fire and Police Departments – Here’s the 411: There are Alternatives!

Tired of being a captive audience to your tactical wear vendor/supplier? There are a couple of tactical vendors out there who think they own the market on tactical wear; well, guess what! There are actually lots more options out there for tactical wear that are just as good or better quality, but less expensive. A local fire department asked us for pricing on comparable uniform apparel. They had used the same supplier for several years and were unhappy with both the mistakes being made on their orders and the lack of customer support. Since most of the uniform items were so specialized, the fire department didn't think they had much option to change suppliers. We spent time at the fire station reviewing the different uniform items and learning what the department wanted and required. After researching these items, we soon discovered that we were able to supply most of the items at a reduced cost. For the items we didn't carry, we were able to identify substitutes that were of equal or better quality and, again, at reduced costs. Chief is happy and so are we!

We’re Now Known for Our FBombs!

“Fun, unique, cheap and unexpected.” These were our instructions for finding a new giveaway from a client rolling out a new product at a trade show. These guys already had a hefty supply of pens, mugs, caps – staples for a trade show. However, for their new product rollout, they wanted an additional item. Something “unexpected” that would appeal to their audience’s sense of humor. And cheap, of course. Fortunately we attend lots of supplier shows and are always up-to-date on the latest and greatest giveaways. Several new items came to mind and we were able to present a handful of fun and “unexpected” options. One item in particular caught our client’s attention. Comparable to a stress ball, it was a black rubber ball in the shape of a bomb with a capital “F” on one side. Yep – it was called an “FBomb.” We imprinted our client’s logo on the side opposite the “F.” It was a tricky process because it takes a special ink to stick to the rubber and hold up under the stress of constant squeezing without cracking. Visitors came to our client’s booth asking for the “FBomb.” Our client was able to discuss business with these potential customers and introduce his new product. Our client was thrilled with his new giveaway because his booth “exploded” with traffic!